All Matchbox Diecast Vehicles introduced in 2002

This is a list of all Matchbox diecast vehicles that hit the shelves in 2002

Air-Lift Helicopter (2002)Airport Pumper (2002)Aqua Mission (2002)
Armored Police Truck (2002)Auxiliary-Power Truck (2002)BMW X5 (2002)
BMW Z3 (2002)BMW Z8 (2002)Bucket Fire Truck (2002)
Cement Mixer (2002)Chevrolet Avalanche (2002)Chevrolet Blazer 4x4 (2002)
Chevrolet Camaro Police (2002)Chevrolet Impala Police (2002)Chevrolet K-1500 4x4 (2002)
Chevrolet Silverado (2002)Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 (2002)Chevrolet SSR (2002)
Chevrolet Tahoe (2002)Chrysler Panel Cruiser (2002)Dennis Sabre Fire Truck (2002)
Dirt Hauler (2002)Dodge Viper GTSR (2002)Dump Truck (2002)
Dune Buggy (2002)Emergency Power Truck (2002)Fire Crusher (2002)
Fire Hovercraft (2002)Fire Tanker (2002)Ford Crown Victoria Police (2002)
Ford Expedition (2002)Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2002)Ford Falcon Taxi (2002)
Ford Mustang Convertible (2002)Ford Panel Van (2002)Ford Transit Van (2002)
Ford Truck with Raft (2002)Fork Lift (2002)GMC Terradyne (2002)
Ice Breaker (2002)Ice Cream Truck (2002)International Fire Truck (2002)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (2002)King Tow (2002)Limousine (2002)
London Bus (2002)Nissan Xterra (2002)Police Bus (2002)
Police Car (2002)Police Motorcycle (2002)Pontiac Piranha (2002)
Rescue Helicopter (2002)Rescue Plane (2002)Road Roller Paver (2002)
Robot Truck (2002)Runway Hero (2002)School Bus (2002)
Sea Speeder (2002)Snow Doctor (2002)Street Sweeper (2002)
Super Dozer (2002)Trash Truck (2002)Troop Carrier (2002)
Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2002)Water Pumper (2002)Weather Radar Truck (2002)