All Matchbox Diecast Vehicles introduced in 2006

This is a list of all Matchbox diecast vehicles that hit the shelves in 2006

'06 Dune Buggy (2006)'06 Ford Crown Victoria (2006)'06 Jaguar XK (2006)
'61 Jaguar E-Type Coupe (2006)'63 Cadillac Hearse (2006)'97 Land Rover Defender 110 (2006)
1956 Cadillac Eldorado (2006)4x4 Chevy Van (2006)Ambulance (2006)
Audi RS6 Avant (2006)Audi TT (2006)Austin FX4 London Taxi (2006)
Bulldozer (2006)Chevrolet Avalanche (2006)Chevrolet Corvette C6 (2006)
Chevrolet Silverado SS (2006)City Bus (2006)Critter Cruncher (2006)
Delivery Truck (2006)Dennis Sabre (2006)Dirt Hauler (2006)
Dodge Charger (2006)Dodge Magnum Police (2006)Dodge Viper GTS-R (2006)
Double-Decker (2006)Flame Tamer (2006)Ford Expedition (2006)
Ford GT (2006)Ford Mustang GT (2006)Ford Shelby Cobra Concept (2006)
GMC Wrecker (2006)Golf V GTI (2006)Guzzler (2006)
Hummer H2 SUV Concept (2006)Hummer H3 (2006)International CXT (2006)
Jaguar XK8 Convertible (2006)Jeep Compass (2006)Jeep Hurricane Concept (2006)
Jeep Liberty (2006)Land Rover SVX (2006)Lincoln Navigator (2006)
LZ Chopper (2006)Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 (2006)Mercedes-Benz E430 Wagon (2006)
Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG (2006)Mitsubishi Eclipse (2006)Off-Road Rider (2006)
Opel Speedster (2006)Plymouth Prowler orange (2006)Pontiac Solstice Concept (2006)
Porsche 911 Turbo (2006)Porsche Cayenne Turbo (2006)Range Rover Sport (2006)
Runway Patrol (2006)Scion xB (2006)Tractor Cab (2006)
Tractor Plow (2006)Trash Titan (2006)TVR Tuscan S (2006)
Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2006)Volvo XC90 (2006)VW Delivery Van (2006)