Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Diecast Vehicles

Do you know that the most expensive Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox Diecast vehicle (MATCHBOX COLLECTIBLES MCDONALD'S 2000 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN Diecast Car) was sold on eBay in July 2017 for $34.99 while the cheapest Diecast vehicle (MATCHBOX 2000 CHEVY CHEVROLET SUBURBAN BASEBALL ALL STAR GAME 2005 MASTERCARD) changed hands for only $0.01 in September 2015? The month with the most items sold (9) was September 2015 with an average selling price of $12.62 for a Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox Diecast Vehicle. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in December 2015 with $26.06 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.25 was February 2014. In average, a Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox Diecast Vehicle is valued with $2.88.

Here's a list of Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox diecast vehicles that are currently for sale on eBay and some other online shops.

Picture Item Title ▼ Price   Store  
2000 Matchbox 1/64 Diecast #60 Chevy Chevrolet Suburban Mint in Box MQ$6.85
2005 Matchbox M Construction 2000 Chevrolet® Suburban™ TEARDROP WHEEL/MINT$3.99
2013/2015 Outdoor '00 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2000∞Green;Forest Ranger∞loose Matchbox$2.96
Matchbox Chevrolet Suburban 3 Scale Model 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006$6.99
NYPD Matchbox. DJY03. Loose, Fresh form Box! White 2000 Chevrolet Suburban NYPD$4.95

To give you a bigger picture, here are some more Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox diecast vehicles that were sold recently on eBay. In total, we scanned 44186 sales to create the statistics about price trends and current value of a Chevrolet Suburban (2000) Matchbox diecast vehicle shown on top of this page.

Picture Item Title ▼ Price   Store  
2012 Matchbox "Police" 2000 Chevrolet® Suburban WHITE PEARL/K-9 UNIT/MINT$2.99
2014 Matchbox "Crime Squad" 2000 Chevrolet® Suburban BLUE METALLIC/MINT$1.99
2015 Matchbox Supreme Hero 2000 Chevrolet® Suburban RED/WILTON FIRE MARSHAL/MOC$15.50
Matchbox 2000 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN from 5 Pack LOOSE White POLICE K-9 UNIT$3.00
Matchbox Outdoor Exclusive 2000 Chevrolet Suburban$2.25